A key responsibility of our Councils is to process and determine planning applications from landowners, developers and residents. These are for a wide variety of requirements from “full” applications, i.e., building and property development, and others that include works to trees, discharges of planning conditions, certificates of lawfulness, and variations to permitted applications.

In our area, the Royal Borough and Bracknell Forest Council process 600-700 applications each year. They are obliged to ensure that permissions conform with government and local planning policies, and it is the responsibility of our councillors, our elected representatives, to ensure that the character of our area is protected from inappropriate development.

The challenging backdrop is government policy where there is a presumption in favour of sustainable development and an aspiration to build 300,000 new homes each year to 2025.

You will find if you click here an analysis for the past 12-months covering for Ascot & Environs the following:

1. Planning Applications by Type and by Parish Area

Summary by application types and by the parish areas of Sunningdale, Sunninghill & Ascot and Winkfield.

2. Planning Applications for Building Development

Performance of the Councils in respect of those applications permitted, refused, or withdrawn by parish area.

3. SPAE Performance in Objecting to Planning Applications

Performance of SPAE in respect of those applications responded to, which were permitted, refused, or withdrawn by parish area.

4. SPAE Performance on Planning Applications Appealed

Performance by SPAE in respect of planning applications appealed to, and then determined by, the Planning Inspectorate. Often, these appeals are about proposals that would do the most harm to the character of our area.

Protecting the character of our area is challenging particularly with government planning policy which is focused on development. However, this is why SPAE exists.